Surprising facts and myths about semen

The ejaculate (or just a “cum”, as it is commonly referred to) is a relatively dense, usually white-colored liquid, which is excreted at the male climax or ejaculation. The white color of semen is not caused by sperm cells, as many people believe. These little fighters who are pursuing their goal contribute to only 5 to 15 percent of total semen volume. So what makes up the rest? The ejaculate character is slightly alkaline, and it contains many minerals (calcium, magnesium, zinc, and sodium). It also contains fructose, vitamin C, sugars, creatine and more than 400 kinds of various proteins. An average man typically releases about 2 to 6 milliliters of ejaculate in one “session”, although this amount tends to decrease with age. In 1 ml of ejaculate, there are on average 40-100 million of these little invaders who want to be the first that penetrate the egg. But enough dry data, let’s look at some more interesting facts.

Does it taste good?

As many experienced men probably know, not every girl will happily swallow semen without a word. It can be caused by many reasons, most often they got “professional” advice from their friends about how nasty the semen is, or in some cases even ridiculous fears of getting pregnant after swallowing the cum (I have actually never met anyone who would believe this, so this might be just an urban legend).

In any case, it’s a well-known fact that the taste of cum is not always the same. A little lesser-known fact is that you can influence the taste of your cum, or even its color! It has been observed countless times that after a night full of alcohol and cigarettes (or possibly other substances), the taste of cum tends to be significantly worsened and the ejaculate tastes more bitter. However, a similar effect can be also seen after the consumption of larger quantities of red meat, coffee, garlic and some types of fish. White meat or asparagus causes a slightly salty taste of cum. Surprisingly, the worst effect is caused by innocent-looking rice or cereals in larger quantities which make the taste rotten. And also do not overdo it with strong spices–your seed could also have a slightly spicy flavor.

If you want to improve the taste of cum and make the swallowing experience more pleasant for your sex partner, treat yourself with a healthy diet and focus on eating mostly fruit (of course in moderation, not necessarily a whole basket). The most recommended fruits include pineapple, bananas, foods containing cinnamon, celery or fruit juices. Milk causes the seed to become denser and more white, without any significant change of the taste. The coloring can also be slightly affected by a consummation of blueberries or pineapple juice.

Some women love the smell of flowers…

…other women are excited by the typical scent of ejaculate. For some women, even staying in the waiting room of a doctor’s ambulance can be a teasing experienced. This is because the semen naturally contains antibacterial substances very similar to the chemicals commonly used for sterilizing medical equipment. Therefore, most females are downright enjoying the smell and taste of cum and the repulsiveness that some women hold seems to be mostly psychological.

Cum on the face…

…is the climax of the plot in numerous porn movies. But what if the fresh shot of ejaculate hit the eye of your sex partner? The answer is in not favorable — it will likely cause a burning sensation and irritation of the eye. I have recently heard a slightly ridiculous theory about how sperm cells competing with each other and trying to penetrate everything around could damage the cornea of an eye. Luckily, this theory is wrong and although the cum in eyes might be uncomfortable, it is usually completely harmless (be careful about the possible transmission of STDs!). The irritation is caused by enzymes in the semen and it usually wears off within a few seconds with a little help of tears. Rinsing the eyes with drinkable tap water in case of an especially large cumshot in eyes is also recommended. Or maybe just let your partner wear swimming goggles next time. 🙂

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